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We offer a wide array of services in repair of different doors like patio doors, screen doors, glass doors, wood doors, wardrobe doors, bathroom doors and many such functional areas of your home and commercial spots. Apart from expertise in various types of doors, we offer services in other settings as you can see below.

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If you wish to replace the glass doors, then call the team of our glass experts. We will provide an in-house consultation regarding your problem.

Once our company arrives at your house house, we take measurements of various things like door tracks, frames, doors, etc. 

we  arrive quickly in the spot and try to get it fixed.  First, we  carefully remove the broken glass pieces and then take the measurement of the door panel.

If your sliding door got stuck we can help you replacing it in a super fast service.


Screen doors and windows repair

We can repair your Screen doors and windows in a less then an hour.

We can repair or completely replace your sliding doors handles and locks in very fast and affordable way.

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Questions and answers about sliding doors

Yes, sliding glass doors can be repaired. Depending upon the damage inflicted on the glass, one can replace a single glass panel or change the entire setup. 

If a sliding glass door sticks, then one needs to do little maintenance like cleaning the track with vacuum or brush, clean the tracks with soapy water, inspect the rollers and replace them if they are damaged, use lubricants and finally place the doors on the track and adjust the rollers according to the height. 

Repairing the sliding glass doors are determined by multiple factors like quality of glass being, the texture of the glass, labor charges, etc. It might vary according to the problem; however, it might cost around $150 to $350 per glass. 

Initially, you need to remove the doors from the track; if the rollers are beyond repair, then you need to remove the old rollers and get new ones installed at the place. 

Yes, patio door glass can be replaced as well. This is based mainly on the fact that whether both the glasses of the panels are damaged or a single glass is damaged. Accordingly, one can get it fixed and replaced. 

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