Sliding Door Lock Repair

Sliding Door often faces different types of concerns relating to tracks, rollers, handles, locks, and other door mechanisms. Since these doors are used rigorously, the locks are subjected to get jammed or broken occasionally. The locks are essential to keep your door safe and secure.

With sliding door repair professionals, you need not put your safety at risk, when the door locks are not functioning correctly. They can install or repair almost all types of locks and all kinds of brands.

They have all the equipment to install and repair these sliding doors. In-house consultation regarding any queries of sliding doors and free estimates for sliding door locks are provided by these experts. 

How do you fix a sliding door lock?

The sliding door of the house and commercial spaces are used on a regular basis, and the clients have a common experience with these locks that either get jammed, broken or doesn’t work at all. Over a period of time, from continuous pulling and dragging of the sliding doors, these become damaged or loose. Select a sliding lock door that is convenient to use and at the same time, will ensure the protection of your house.

There is no need to change the whole door frame to refix the broken lock. If the door lock is jammed inspect carefully whether the striking plate and door lock are aligned or not. If they are not aligned properly, then it can be adjusted by moving the striking plate upward or downward and match them with the lock. Use lubricant if the lock ‘isn’t functioning correctly. Still, it isn’t doesn’t work then get a new lock. 

Initially, start with removing the screw from the door lock. You can leave the strike plate if you are replacing it with the former model or you can change that too. If you are installing the same model, then get it secured with the help of a screwdriver.

However, a new model will require you to mark the spot of the lock and door jamb meet with the help of a pencil. By using an electrical drill, you can make holes on the door strike plate. Join the striking plate using a screwdriver and tighten up the screws. Close the doors to check whether the locks are working as expected or not. If you are hoping to secure and safeguard your home or office, then it is recommended to use steel mortise locks. It is better to invest in a quality door lock to ensure maximum safety and security. 

Sliding door lock repair prices

Sliding door lock repair charges depend upon different factors. It might also vary according to the model and brands of the lock as well. The prices of these locks may range from approximate $50 and above. Further, the labor charges like installation, repair, and replacement can increase the amount.