Sliding Door Rollers Repair and Replacement

The sliding door professionals cater to an extensive list of services that begins right from installation to repairs, and it includes after-sales and maintenance services as well, to take care of the different needs and requirements of the customers. The professionals are extremely devoted to serving their clients at a given time frame. Sliding Door Rollers are the main component behind this remarkable technology. It actually helps the sliding doors to glide swiftly and smoothly in the track. Therefore, maintenance and repair are crucial if you want your sliding doors to run for several years without any obstruction.

How do you fix the rollers on a sliding glass door?

Sometimes the slidings doors become cumbersome and stiff, and the movement is hampered. It is a signal that you should inspect the conditions of the rollers or the track. If the tracks are blocked, then you can get it replaced. In case of a roller, it isn’t an arduous job to get it fixed, though there are certain conditions that you must look at. Installation of the rollers depends on the material of the sliding door you are using like wood, vinyl, aluminum, glass, etc.

There is a long array of sliding doors available in the market, and this can affect the way you purchase and install a roller. Select the one that goes with the sliding glass doors. First, remove the doors from the track, if required, take a helping hand. Second, uninstall the rollers using a screwdriver. Measure the rollers and replace it with a fresh one of the same size. Make the adjustments of the roller properly and put the door back into the track. 

How do I make my sliding door run smoother?

It becomes essential to maintain your sliding door on a regular basis so that the door glides effortlessly without any hassle and dragging. It is a common problem that these doors stick after daily usage. To make your sliding door run smoother one needs to follow some necessary steps of maintenance and servicing. Even one can take help from the team of professionals to get this work done. Primarily, one needs to clean the track as over a period of time as it accumulates debris or dust.

Clean it using a brush or vacuum. One can also use soapy water to clean the tracks thoroughly. Apply lubricants on the upper and lower tracks afterward to ensure a swift movement of the doors. At this point in time, you also need to inspect the condition of the rollers. Replace them if they are totally damaged and beyond repair. Sometimes, a blockage or bent in the tracks can also hinder the movements of the sliding doors. In such cases, the tracks are also needed to be replaced. Later, adjust the heights of the rollers, and place the doors on the track, and you are all ready to move your sliding doors smoothly again.  

How much does it cost to replace rollers on a sliding glass door?

Changing and replacing the sliding glass door rollers can be managed at home. However, if you aren’t that sure to get it done by yourself, then it is better to hire a team of sliding glass door repairs who provides the best service in the town. At a local hardware shop, the approximate cost of the rollers may range to $25. The experts may charge a notch higher, which includes the labor charge as well, and this might cover approximately to $90. It varies depending upon the issue. You should call us today and get a free estimate.