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Learn About Sliding Doors

Why are sliding doors the best option for your patio or home?

A patio is that amazing corner of your home where you can have a great time with your friends and family. It is a quintessential part of most of the outdoor spaces. The doors act as a connecting agent between indoor and outdoor. It is essential to have a door that attracts people. Sliding doors are the door that opens and closes by sliding slideways instead of swinging. It is an elegant architectural construction, manufactured using a large glass window. It fits into a wide rectangular opening that provides door access from a room to outdoors.

One of the significant advantages of a sliding door is that it allows connection with nature. The doors provide access to natural light and fresh air. Generally, a sliding glass door is considered a single unit consisting of two-panel sections. One out of them is fixed and other being mobile to slide and open. A wall-sized glass pocket door has one or more panels movable and sliding into wall pockets, completely disappearing for a ‘wide open’ indoor-outdoor room experience.

A sliding door has lots of benefits. If you are planning to install or to replace exterior sliding doors, you may find the following list of benefits that might be considered in your decision making process. Undoubtedly you will be making a wise choice.

  1. Energy efficiency 

Sliding doors are an efficient insulator of energy. The advanced technology has made sure that the doorways keep outside air out and inside air inside. Double-panel glass doors minimize the loss of energy. One can go for the door which has argon gas between the two glass panes. It acts as a better insulator. In summer you will be keeping the fresh air inside your home and the heat out. The glass needs to be maintained sometimes. It can be coated or glazed to improve its energy efficiency further and to reduce harmful UV rays. It will reduce frost and condensation on the glass, and at the same time, you will have better acoustic insulation.

Sliding Doors View
sun porch with large glass doors looking into luxury home

      2. Safety 

Safety is the utmost priority of any door. The safety advantage with sliding doors is that they prevent people from being hit by a swinging door. They stay where they have been left until someone decides to move them. The doors now come ready to survive in terrible weather. The doors will keep everyone protected from natural disasters. They are shatterproof and come with a lot of protection.

      3. Security

Security is an essential consideration while thinking about glass sliding doors. It is almost impossible to open them from the outside once it is locked from the inside. The rails on which they run have an interlocking facility that cannot be unlocked from outside.

There is a variety of locking arrangements available for patio doors such as Multi-Point Locks, Guardian Locks, Folding Security Bars to ensure the highest level of security. 

       4. Save space

Sliding doors operate by simply gliding along its track instead of open swinging. No extra space is required for the arc of the door because they open up by one door sliding over another panel. The excess space will use to enhance your patio. 

       5. Access to natural light

The sliding doors have large window panes that allow a great deal of natural light inside the house during day time. It means you don’t even need to turn the lights on during day time. People can save on lighting bills and make your home looks more welcoming and inviting.

Sliding Doors
Sliding exterior door with two black shutters. Species panoramic window and terrace. 3d Illustration

       6. Style and appearance

Sliding doors add aesthetics to the overall appearance of your house. It provides a sleek and elegant look that harmonizes with developing architectural styles. Being an incredibly functional and practical design, it maximizes natural light, outdoor views and offers easy functionality. Hence, sliding doors are the best option for your house.

      7. Additional value for your home

The end benefit of installing a sliding door is that it will automatically increase the value of your home. The owner will realize it at the time of costing your home. But along with this, it is also important to install a screen. It is invisible but they are important defense against flying insects that enter your home so often. You can also apply glazing sheets that will provide protection against harmful UV rays. 

Sliding doors plays the role of an ideal door by providing both aesthetics and safety at the same time. It is important to install it with the help of an expert professional.